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Marbella Luxury Homes & Holiday Rentals

Marbella Luxury Homes & Luxury Holiday Rentals Spain
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Buying Property on the Costa Del Sol

Luxury Real Estate on the Costa Del Sol

Million in Property Sales
Since January 2022

The Home Buying Process In Spain

Buying a property in Spain is a little bit different than buying a property at home. But that’s why we are here for. We will arrange all matters throughout the purchase process of your new “Mediterranean” home.

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Real Estate Advisor Match

First we’ll match you with one of our 39 Expert Real Estate Advisors who speak your native language.

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Location & Specification Match

He or she will explore neighborhoods and share some secrets about living on the Costa del Sol. 

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As Soon As We’ve Reviewed Our Extensive Database or Dream Homes On The Costa Del Sol.

Perfectly Matched Property Viewings

Our agent will personally show you properties which match your criteria and show you what the local area has to offer

As Soon As We’ve Reviewed Our Extensive Database or Dream Homes On The Costa Del Sol.

Procedures With Our In-House Lawyer

This remove all of the stress, worry & strain of the whole process saving you time money & confusion.

We’ll Get The Legal Out Of The Way

Legal Procedures

  • Signing the reservation contract.
    Your property is taken off the market, to make sure no one else can buy your dream home.
  • The lawyer will conduct “due-diligence”.
    To make sure there are no construction violations, cancel any eventual charges the property may have and ensuring everything is legally correct.
  • NIE and opening bank account.
    When you choose our in-house lawyer, all these legal matters are included in the service. To make things easy a power of attorney is granted.
  • Signing of the deed at the notary.
    When the previous steps are completed successfully, our lawyer will make an appointment with the notary to sign the deed.
  • Transfer tax and register property at the land register.
    Also this will be taken care of by our in-house lawyer.

Purchase Costs

New developments: 

  • 1O% IVA (VAT) 
  • Notary fee between 600€ to 1.500€ depending on the amount of the purchase and documents attached to the deed.
  • Cost for the land register between 500€ and 1.000€
  • 1% lawyer fee to perform the “due diligence”
  • 1,2% “stamp duty” (taxes to register all documents only for new developments) 

Resales properties: 

  • 7% ITP (property transfer tax)  (new law as per 1/1/2022)
  • Notary fee between 600€ – 1.500€ depending on the amount of the purchase and documents attached to the deed. 
  • 1% lawyer fee to perform the “due diligence”
  • 500-1000 €  registration in the land register 

If you choose a mortgage loan for the purchase of your property with a Spanish Bank, you will be charged 0.5% to 1.5% fee.

Property evaluation costs around 400€.
If required, we are also happy to find a suitable mortgage for you.

You Own a New Home On The Costa Del Sol

Congratulations! You now own your home at the Costa del Sol!
If you wish, we offer all kind of related services. 

Painting, Decorating & Design

Furniture & Interior Design

Pool Maintenance & Cleaning

Rental Services