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Home, Health, Car, Activity Insurance

Home & Property Insurance

Our Home Insurance Protection is All Encompassing

  • Home insurance for your habitual residence
  • Home insurance for your rental home
  • Home insurance for your tourist rental home
  • Home insurance for your uninhabited home
  • Home insurance for your second home
  • Home insurance for the agricultural sector

A home can have very different purposes, it can be the home where you usually reside, it can be for rent, tourist rental, it can be your holiday residence or you may have it closed and empty. We have a product adapted to all these uses, with which to protect your flat, attic, ground floor, semi-detached or individual chalet, or country house.

Death & Repatriation Insurance

Vehicle Insurance You Can Count On Including Free Breakdown Cover


Our death insurance, with which you will have covered all those expenses related to the death of the insured person and the management and completion of those procedures that originate in these situations: death certificates, certificate of last wills or cancellation of family book, among others.

A policy with all the necessary coverage and guarantees in the event of the death of the insured, which you can also configure to suit your needs, by contracting our health, assistance or legal protection packs.


Choose between our types of insurance, Complete or Basic, and personalize your protection with the free choice packs: Total Legal Pack, Health Pack or Assistance Pack, which offer you a series of services that you can use throughout the duration of the policy.


To save your loved ones and your family from having to:
• Have to take care of all the paperwork. We make it easy for you and with a single call we take care of everything.
• Take charge of the financial consequences of a funeral. We take care of the burial expenses and the processing of the necessary documentation.


The price varies depending on each autonomous community and can range between €3,000 and €5,000, a figure that not all families can afford without their economy suffering. Thanks to this type of insurance and its coverage, it is easy and convenient to pay.


With us we fully take charge of the necessary paperwork, preventing your spouse, children, or other members of your family or friends from having to take care of obtaining them:
• Death certificate.
• Certificate of the Registry of Acts of Last Wills.
• Copy of the last Will issued.
• Deregistration in the Family Book.
• Deregistration of the holder in the card of the National Institute of Social Security (INSS).
• Other documents related to the beneficiaries and heirs such as: notarial declaration of heirs, marriage or cohabitation certificate, Certificate of Life Certificate, tax settlement processing, etc.

Car & Motorbike Insurance

Vehicle Insurance You Can Count On Including Free Breakdown Cover

Insurance features.

Insurance that adapts to the needs of each driver and the characteristics of their vehicle. Due to the level of personalization and protection of its coverage, it is necessary to speak with one of our agents, who will help you select the type and coverage that is ideal for you, explaining your level of protection in detail.

Recommended for…

People who want insurance tailored to their needs, who value the advice of an expert in the field and consider that it is necessary to invest a little of their time so as not to have shocks in the future.

Activity & Golf Insurance

Including Hole-in-One Celebration Protection

Damage to Golf Equipment:

  • Breakage and/or damage to clubs, cart and bag: Cost of repairing or replacing such objects when accidentally broken or rendered useless.
  • Fire, theft or theft of the golf bag, clubs and/or accessories, while they are stored in any golf club in the world, and during transport by the Insured himself.

Personal Guarantees:

  • Death by accident: Compensation to the beneficiaries of the insured capital for the death of the Insured by accident.
  • Absolute or partial permanent disability due to accident: Compensation to the Insured for the occurrence of Absolute Permanent Disability (impossibility of performing the Insured’s own profession) or Partial Disability (decrease of not less than 33% of performance to perform the usual profession) due to Accident.
  • Civil liability: Claims for damages caused to third parties as a golf player, exclusively during the practice of golf. In addition, constitution of judicial bonds, payment of costs and judicial or extrajudicial expenses, legal direction against the claim of the injured party, defense and representation in criminal proceedings.

Extraordinary compensation:

  • Hole in one: in the event of obtaining a Hole in One while participating in officially recognized competitions, the Golf Club will pay the costs that the insured must face for its celebration, presenting the Company as proof the corresponding card duly signed by the others players of the group and the secretary of the Golf Club in which the aforementioned “Hole in One” is achieved and the corresponding invoices accrediting the expense.
  • Three Tournaments: If the Insured is the winner of three official tournaments of the same club in the same year, we pay the extraordinary expenses that the Insured has to face for its celebration.


In Spain:

Accident Health Assistance: Travel expenses, medical, hospitalization and pharmaceutical fees; Expenses of a companion for hospitalization of the Insured; Transportation costs by ambulance or other means (except medical plane); cost of the first hearing, visual or dental prosthesis.

All over the world

  • Repatriation or Sanitary transport of the Injured or Sick
  • Repatriation or transportation of minors
  • Displacement of a relative in case of hospitalization
  • Convalescence Hotel
  • Repatriation or transportation of the Deceased Insured
  • Early Return
  • Professional Chauffeur Dispatch
  • Message Transmission
  • Loss, Damage and Theft of personal luggage and Personal Effects
  • Delay in the delivery of the equipment for golf practice
  • Search, location and shipment of lost luggage
  • Delay in baggage delivery 24 hours

Worldwide except Spain: Medical and Sanitary Assistance for Illness: Medical and surgical, pharmaceutical and hospitalization expenses and fees.