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Marbella Luxury Homes & Holiday Rentals

Marbella Luxury Homes & Luxury Holiday Rentals Spain
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Buying Property on the Costa Del Sol

Luxury Real Estate on the Costa Del Sol

€ 54,687,374 In Property Sales In 2022

Marbella Luxury Homes Experience

It’s never been about us, sure we love Marbella and the Lifestyle that it provides and we simply want to share that with YOU!

Marbella Luxury Homes go above and beyond for their clients.

We consider ourselves a lifestyle company that aides their customers in getting to know the Costa del Sol while finding their dream home.

It’s a feeling, it’s comfort, safety, security. Like someone handing you the perfect thing you need before you even knew that you need it.

Space, Privacy, Location and all the facilities at hand when you need them.

We Designed Every Experience With You in Mind

It’s The Way It Makes You Feel

Marbella luxury homes is a full-service, real estate agency that tries to redefine how to handle real estate.

Our team consists of international professionals fluent in their clients’ language, culture, and consumer habits.

Since 2016, Marbella Luxury Homes has operated with confidentiality, experience, knowledge, and expertise.

The approach that differentiates us from other real estate agencies is that we can help you in your own language and offer any property services.

Offices On The Costa Del Sol

Click on the office location for contact details & directions

  • Our Office Locations

    Our Offices in Marbella

    Marbella Office El Rosario

    Avda. de la Jacaranda, Bloque 1, 1ª planta, locales 6, 7 y 8, 29604 El Rosario, Marbella

    +34 951 57 62 18

    [email protected]

    Cancelada Office

    Av. Las Palmeras Bq 1 Local 1, 29680 Cancelada, Estepona.

    +34 951 57 62 18

    [email protected]

    Alhurin El Grande Office

    Calle Gerald Brenan 36, 29120, Alhaurín el Grande, Málaga.

    +34 951 71 52 41

    [email protected]

    Contact Us Alhaurin
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